So we have a Tasting Room.

At Last Best it was a no-brainer to add a tasting room to the brewery.

Our downtown location in Calgary opens many conversations about beer and it gives us the opportunity to reveal beer manufacturing at the source.  Our Tasting Room, among other things, will showcase ‘brewing and distilling production’ which answers many of the questions that seem to have elluded the consumer. We cherish the responsibility of explaining craft beer from grain to glass and taking the mystery out of a product that has been very influential throughout its 8000+ year history. This cultural education includes new beer drinkers and the seasoned beer geek alike because we know all too well that you can never learn everything when it comes to beer.

Furthermore, our timing couldn’t be better considering the explosion of craft beer in liquor stores and the plethora of new craft beer-focused beer halls around Calgary; Calgarians need to learn and feel comfortable with new styles and products that they are currently being inundated with. At Last Best, there is a true love and honest appreciation for all craft beer and we believe that when people can see the time and craftsmanship put into micro-brewed beer firsthand they will love and appreciate it too.

We hope the experience and access provided behind the doors of Last Best not only helps Calgary understand and fall in love with different beer styles, but also gives Calgarians the confidence to seek out all the amazing varieties that are being offered around our city.  And in a perfect world, the collective knowledge gleaned will force us and other local breweries to produce more of the world class products that this province deserves.

This is the start of understanding and identifying palate trends, and soon we will be able to realize an honest Alberta palate profile; from there we can use this information to really put Alberta on the map as a true craft beer destination.

– Soc


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  1. Anon Dewey May 15, 2015 at 2:07 pm · · Reply

    PS – congrats on the success so far!

  2. Current AB palate profile: stale corn and band-aids. I have faith you guys can help with the much needed change! Great post! Loved the Imp Stout btw… Awesome job on that beer.

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